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Trying anything for the first time can be daunting. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the very first class. Feel free to also contact us at [email protected].

how long will the class go for?
Classes usually go for an hour, although some of our classes are one and a half hours. If you or your child are unable to complete the class, let the instructor know and you are more than welcome to watch for the remainder of the lesson.

will my child have fun?
We hope so. GKR isn’t all serious, especially for the kids. Although we are a little strict on respect and discipline, the class will include game and activity based learning.

will the instructor be expecting me?

Yes the instructor will be expecting you. If for some reason you can’t make your trail class, please let your GKR sales consaltant know.

what should i wear?

Wear light comfortable clothes that you can exercise in. Shorts and a t-shirt are perfect. You’ll be removing your shoes for the classs so footwear type is not important.

what is your fee structure?
Check with your GKR sales consultant for the latest fee schedule. You will pay a one off, lifetime membership and then for the classes. GKR has several class payment options, the most convenient being a weekly direct debit fee. For one low weekly charge you can train as many times as you like! GKR has no lock in contracts. You can cancel your direct debit at any time.

what should i bring to my trial class?

Please bring any paperwork given to you by your GKR sales consultant. We also recommend some water. Most importantly bring a smile and your willingness to give something new a go.

what will the class include?
Your first class will start with the formal karate ‘bow in’ and a short warm up. Then you’ll go through some basic strikes and punches. We’ll teach you a few self defence moves before finishing off with the class ‘bow out’.

what if i don't remember anything?
Don’t worry, there’s a good chance you won’t remember a lot of the things from your first class. This is why we reinforce our basic techniques in almost every lesson.

If I love the class, what next?
We certainly hope you enjoy the class and we’d love to welcome you into the GKR Region 29 Family. You can sign up with the instructor on the day, or your GKR sales consultant can call you to process the paperwork. You’ll then receive a pack with all of your training information and membership cards.

Contact katherine staufenbiel

Region 29 Sales
0416 884 545
[email protected]