Why Karate?

Let me first assure you, spinning back kicks and single-handed push ups are not what you’ll see in a GKR karate class.

Despite being a great way to keep fit, flexible and coordinated, the top benefits of karate listed by our students might actually surprise you – focus; respect; confidence; discipline; self-defence; self-awareness; friendships; goal setting; building strong family bonds and team work.

Don’t they sound more appealing than single-handed push ups? We sure think so. 

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Martial arts clubs like GKR provide their instructors with progressive lesson plans, so students learn at the right pace for their age and level. As their confidence and ability grows, so does the focus required to ‘master’ each new technique.


Expect to see your child’s confidence grow within the first six months of karate. Although their skill as a martial artist is still in infancy, regular training of this nature improves their ability to ‘handle’ emotions, reactions and physical responses in any conflict or bullying situation.


Regardless of style or origin, all martial arts disciplines are built on a foundation of respect for the individual, their instructors and fellow students.

At GKR Karate respect is one of our five ‘Dojo Kun’ – the list of rules each student or instructor must abide by when entering the training arena.

Check out our full ‘dojo kun’ here.


While we pursue an individual goal and journey, we train, support and often compete as a group. Regardless of the sport, if your child is having fun and making friends they’ll want to keep training.

Real People.
Real Stories.

“The two hardest belts to achieve are black … and white.”


A white belt signifies the start of your karate journey – a beginner learning new skills, in a new environment. We understand those things might be daunting for your child, so GKR promotes a friendly, welcoming environment. Our instructors are trained with carefully designed lesson plans to ensure all students learn at the right pace for their age, ability and confidence level.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear directly from our parents about the positive influence karate has had on their kids.


The Dunbars started training as a family 6 years ago. Signed up on a ‘trial lesson’ by a friend, they came along as moral support – and never stopped. Their daughter Abby is now a confident young lady as well as a GKR dual National Champion.


Susan’s daughter was being bullied at school and her boys were … boys! Karate has given her daughter confidence and her sons focus and discipline.

inside the dojo

Take a sneek peek at what happens inside the dojo doors.




At GRK families train together. It’s not only a great way to bond, it will keep your kids connected to the family unit for longer by sharing a common interest.


Although perhaps not the obvious choice for fitness, karate does provide a full body work out.

Every class with combine high and low-intensity cardio training with strength building in the arms, legs and core.


Many of our parents don’t set out to join karate. They start on the sidelines until eventually, after months of coaxing and persuasion, they join their kids.

This often puts the child at a more advanced level and now the ‘sensei’ (teacher) in the relationship. Many parents say this role reversal strengthens the bond with their child.


Training as a family has many benefits, but mostly our parents tell us what a great motivator it is – for them and the kids. It’s harder to ‘just miss this one class’ they say, when others are waiting on you.

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